The 8-bit mixtape

Do you actually remember or were alive before all the days of Spotify radio, MP3s or perhaps CDs? “Primitive” people would put together “mix tapes” consisting of audio duplicated from other tapes or the radio. This permitted them to play a number of various musical artists and also songs in turn without the headache of changing cassettes.

Many of these tapes still exist in one type or another, which the 8bit Mix Tape project takes advantage of to house an unique, Arduino-compatible audio gadget, complete with control handles sticking out of both winding openings.

You can see the development of this ATtiny84 and also 85-powered job on this wiki web page, from its simple starts as a 0.1 version, with a circuit card affixed on the outside of a tape dummy, completely to the beautiful 0.9 or “Next Level Edition.” They likewise created a “Pro Advanced 2000” model out of an NES cartridge, with several more knobs as well as an LCD display.

8Bit Mixtape Neo

The 8Bit Mixtape Neo Is a Small Lo-Fi Synthesizer Shaped Like a Cassette Tape. There are numerous synthesizers on the market that deciding on one can be totally frustrating. There are designs that vary from easy single-octave square wave output, to premium choices that are capable of reproducing a whole band in stunning information. The 8Bit Mixtape Neo is a little synthesizer that’s made to be easy to use and to produce hip ’80s style seems without breaking the bank.

Unlike most synthesizers you’ve most likely seen, 8Bit Mixtape Neo has just basic controls on the tool itself. There are just 2 handles as well as 2 switches for changing the synthesizer result in real time. Whatever else – really producing noises – is done programmatically. Posting your noise formula code is straightforward, due to the fact that the heart of 8Bit Mixtape Neo is an Arduino-compatible ATtiny85.

If setting noises appears tough to you, there is even an aesthetic drag-and-drop shows interface that seems stemmed from the very popular Scratch programs language. If you don’t intend to program in any way, there are a number of pre-made sounds you can easily download. If that seems like a fun means to make songs to you, you can get an 8Bit Mixtape Neo for somewhere between $50 and also $100, relying on which alternatives you pick.

Past worskhop events

Workshop event: 8-bit Mixtape – A Public Living Room, Singapore 2016

Workshop organization to assemble a 8-bit Mixtape * kit which was part of an event called A Public Living Room, during the Singapore Art Week of 2016. The event Public Living Room was hosted by Hyphen.

Workshop Details

This workshop was held on:

  • Day / Date: Sunday, 17 January 2016
  • Time: 15.00 – 18.00 local time
  • Venue: Le Park, People’s Park Complex Lt. 6, Singapore

The workshop cost was $ SG 25 after registration.

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