The 8-bit mixtape

Do you actually remember or were alive before all the days of Spotify radio, MP3s or perhaps CDs? “Primitive” people would put together “mix tapes” consisting of audio duplicated from other tapes or the radio. This permitted them to play a number of various musical artists and also songs in turn without the headache of changing cassettes.

Many of these tapes still exist in one type or another, which the 8bit Mix Tape project takes advantage of to house an unique, Arduino-compatible audio gadget, complete with control handles sticking out of both winding openings.

You can see the development of this ATtiny84 and also 85-powered job on this wiki web page, from its simple starts as a 0.1 version, with a circuit card affixed on the outside of a tape dummy, completely to the beautiful 0.9 or “Next Level Edition.” They likewise created a “Pro Advanced 2000” model out of an NES cartridge, with several more knobs as well as an LCD display.

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Citizen science recovering volcanic farmlands

Recovering a story from 2016, when in a collaboration between Australia and Indonesia, the organization HackteriaLab worked as usual on local existing community projects, but this time helping specificaly to recover volcanic farmlands around Mount Merapi.

This Indonesian campaign puts science – and also the laboratory – right into the hands of communities; combining the arts, scientific research, and technology with some fundamental science lessons for the public.

Hackteria has participants in India, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Singapore, Indonesia as well as Australia, and also their efforts at bringing scientific knowledge in the community have actually been taped in a docudrama and also book.

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